Key Research and Scholarship

Research and scholarship are central to the work and mission of the University. Areas of distinct strength result from the pursuit of truth of our leaders and experts across disciplines. We must invest in these assets to effect change in our world.


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College of Arts & Letters

Art & Design

Notre Dame’s Catholic mission enables the exploration of the relationship between the arts and the sacred with greater range and…
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Notre Dame Law School

Clinical Law Center

The University of Notre Dame, guided by its mission to be a force for good, is committed to striving for…
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College of Engineering

Engineering For Action Fellowships

The world needs graduate engineering programs that teach specialized skills to design, build, and innovate for a better community. The…
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IDEA Center

Faculty and Research Commercialization

The research carried out on the Notre Dame campus advances the limits of human understanding and the University’s calling to…
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College of Engineering

Named Engineering Professorships

Talented professors are the single greatest resource of a research university, and the University of Notre Dame is no exception.…
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Mendoza College of Business

North Addition

Now serving over 2,700 undergraduate and over 700 graduate students annually, the Mendoza College of Business has an immediate need…
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College of Science

Postdoctoral and Graduate Training Programs

A strong research program elevates the student experience and the University’s impact on the world. It relies on graduate students…
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College of Engineering

Teaching Professorship 

The University of Notre Dame fosters scholarship and innovation that creates real solutions for social good. The College of Engineering…
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College of Arts & Letters

Technology and Digital Studies

Over 80% of open jobs require digital skills, and by 2025, it is estimated that 95 million more positions across…