Teaching Professorship 

The University of Notre Dame fosters scholarship and innovation that creates real solutions for social good. The College of Engineering embodies this pursuit, and accordingly, we hire and support professors who provide an unsurpassed education and innovative research — discovering and integrating knowledge; advancing human health and well-being; supporting the sustainability of our built and natural environment; and promoting fair and equitable systems and technologies. Likewise, our Engineering students seek to discover their full potential to engineer a better world for all.

The pioneering research of endowed professors sets high standards for faculty scholars. They lead by example, embodying the rigorous habit of mind that the College seeks to cultivate in all of its faculty and students. Due to the growth of our research efforts and our faculty, more and more people are reaching a level of success deserving of an endowed professorship. However, we currently are unable to provide enough endowed professorships for those faculty who deserve them, and there is a strong desire to use endowed professorships in recruiting new hires. Named professorships allow the College to offer the support and flexibility that enable all students to realize their full potential.

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