Student Support and Care

Students need more care – and earlier in their college careers – than ever before, with 35% of incoming students having a diagnosed mental health condition. We need to expand our Care and Wellness Consultant model, invest in accessibility services, and offer additional support for our most vulnerable populations. This expansion is critical to augmenting the Center for Student Support and Care, making it a leader in and model for higher education.

Bioengineering and Life Sciences Initiative (BELS)

Only 8% of the more than 10,000 diseases affecting humans worldwide have a FDA-approved treatment. To foster radical collaboration and accelerate progress toward finding disease treatments, the Notre Dame Bioengineering and Life Science Initiative (BELS) will serve as an intellectual hub for scientific discovery and disease solutions.

The Psychology Clinic

Suicide, trauma, substance abuse, and health disparities require experts with proven track records in addressing these issues. By enhancing the Psychology Clinic with direct care for the community, cutting-edge research, and training programs, we support our specialized faculty and staff and effect positive change in people’s lives.