Chapel Renovation

The strong sense of community among students at the University of Notre Dame is directly connected to a vibrant liturgical life in our campus residence halls. Accordingly, each of Notre Dame’s 32 residence halls has a chapel where students come together to participate in daily and Sunday Masses and grow in their faith. Over time, as generations of students continue to build community and find spiritual guidance in their residence hall chapels, these spaces inevitably come to need renovations. In order to ensure that residence hall chapels remain places that students seek out to grow in their faith and community, endowments for repairs and renovations are essential.

Chapel renovations have been essential to realizing the University’s mission to create Christian communities in the residence halls, communities in which learning, socialization, and prayer form an integral part of the Notre Dame experience. Not only are these chapels better able to meet the spiritual needs of their visitors, but they are also more suitable for the Sacrifice of the Mass. Renovating our residence hall chapels helps to bring these students into closer relationships with God and with one another.