Study Abroad

Study abroad is one of the most popular and intensive ways for Notre Dame students to garner experience with the world beyond the United States, as well as bring the values of the University out into the wider globe. However, although the University is committed to meeting 100% of students’ demonstrated financial need, this financial aid is not available for students to use for summer study abroad. As a result, low-income, under-resourced, and differently prepared students are often unable to take advantage of new and innovative summer study abroad programs that faculty create with Notre Dame International (NDI). The resulting system sees a limited number of students gain access to these dynamic curricular offerings.

The University seeks to endow a new grant program to provide financial aid for students undertaking summer global experiences. Providing financial aid for summer global experiences, which will include study abroad programs, internships, and independent research, will help to remedy the international experience gap within the Notre Dame student body and further set the University apart from other institutions of higher learning. Through this grant program, NDI will empower more of our students to become more sophisticated and experienced global citizens.