Global Gateways and Centers

Since 2011, Notre Dame International (NDI) has created five Global Gateways and six Global Centers in order to bring Notre Dame, its scholarship, and its values to the world. More than launching pads for faculty and students, the Global Gateways and Centers allow for rich collaborations with local universities, research centers, governments, churches, and grassroots organizations. These intellectual hubs offer neutral sites for discourse and debate, affording students the opportunity to open their minds and hearts to new cultures and to take the first steps toward becoming true global citizens.

In order to improve still further on the promise of a global education for our students, and to advance Notre Dame’s commitment to being the premier global Catholic university, the University seeks to endow the infrastructure, programming, and staffing within our network of Global Gateways and Centers. Improving our investment in these overseas sites will enable the University to showcase our intellectual excellence, our warm hospitality, and our embodiment of our Catholic identity and values to the wider world. Through this, we will significantly raise Notre Dame’s international profile and continue to build a new breadth and depth of global expertise that strengthens the University and our mission.