Faculty and Research Commercialization

The research carried out on the Notre Dame campus advances the limits of human understanding and the University’s calling to be a force for good. As important as the work that is occurring in ND labs is, it is equally important that this work be translated to the market, where it can improve the human condition. To achieve this goal, … Read More

Student Entrepreneurship

The IDEA Center changes students’ lives through the discipline of entrepreneurship, and our curricular and extracurricular programming has received significant recognition and interest. More of our students are choosing to stay and launch companies in our region than ever before. The IDEA Center must provide an even richer array of life-changing opportunities and experiences that can also help propel a … Read More

Teaching Professorship 

The University of Notre Dame fosters scholarship and innovation that creates real solutions for social good. The College of Engineering embodies this pursuit, and accordingly, we hire and support professors who provide an unsurpassed education and innovative research — discovering and integrating knowledge; advancing human health and well-being; supporting the sustainability of our built and natural environment; and promoting fair … Read More

Art & Design

Notre Dame’s Catholic mission enables the exploration of the relationship between the arts and the sacred with greater range and freedom than is possible at most universities. A new building for the Department of Art, Art History, and Design, along with additional faculty hires, will enable the interdisciplinary study of and participation in the richness of Catholicism’s two millennia of … Read More

Technology and Digital Studies

Digital Learning

Over 80% of open jobs require digital skills, and by 2025, it is estimated that 95 million more positions across disciplines will require technical skills. Growing student interest and employer needs require our Technology and Digital Studies Programs to augment offerings for liberal arts students to hone skills in computing technology, data science, and software development. Our students must be ready to meet the demands of today and the future.

North Addition

Mendoza College of Business

Now serving over 2,700 undergraduate and over 700 graduate students annually, the Mendoza College of Business has an immediate need for additional space to ensure access for more Notre Dame students and preparation of the next generation of global business leaders. The North Addition will be part of central campus next to the existing Mendoza building, featuring a spacious North Auditorium that will host premier speaking events and “Foundations”-level introductory courses for all incoming students.

Engineering For Action Fellowships

Engineering in Action

The world needs graduate engineering programs that teach specialized skills to design, build, and innovate for a better community. The Engineering for Action program enables Ph.D. students to devote their last year to translating their research into products that can change lives.

Postdoctoral and Graduate Training Programs

A strong research program elevates the student experience and the University’s impact on the world. It relies on graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Prestigious fellowships and a unique science training program allow us to recruit the best scholars and advance research in service to society.