Endowing Grants-in-aids

By fully endowing the grants-in-aid, the University of Notre Dame can protect and enhance the Fighting Irish experience for generations to come.

Funding opportunities include:

●      Captain’s Endowment – A gift of $50 million will name the captain awards across all sports.

●      Academic Edge Endowment – A gift of $20 million will fund the Academic Edge program, which provides summer schooling or study abroad opportunities to student-athletes, thereby reducing course loads during the competitive season and even enabling them to graduate early.

●      Team Endowment – A gift of $5-50 million will fully fund the remaining GIA positions on a team.

●      Custom Endowment – passion driven opportunities around items such as major or geography

●      Summer Semester Endowment

●      Position Endowment

●      Named Endowment

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