The University of Notre Dame is called to serve a world deeply in need.
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College of Arts & Letters

Art & Design

Notre Dame’s Catholic mission enables the exploration of the relationship between the arts and the sacred with greater range and…
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Raclin Murphy Museum of Art

Art Named Directorship

The Raclin Murphy Museum of Art stands to deliver programming, engage up-and-coming artists, and reach thousands of students and community…
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Raclin Murphy Museum of Art

Art Naming Opportunities

The new, world-class Raclin Murphy Museum of Art under construction will be central to the University’s commitment to teaching and…
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Notre Dame Athletics

Athletics Endowments

Our student-athletes play an essential role in shaping all Notre Dame students’ on-campus experiences, providing an opportunity for the campus…
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Berthiaume family’s $20 million gift endows Institute for Precision Health

Douglas and Diana Berthiaume of Andover, Massachusetts, have made a $20 million gift to the University of Notre Dame to…
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College of Engineering,College of Science

Bioengineering and Life Sciences Initiative (BELS)

Only 8% of the more than 10,000 diseases affecting humans worldwide have a FDA-approved treatment. To foster radical collaboration and…
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Mendoza College of Business

Business Honors Program

The rigorous formation of the next generation of business leaders at the Mendoza College of Business is rooted in academic…
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Notre Dame Athletics

Coaching Endowments 

Named coaching endowments are powerful tools in recruiting the best coaches to Notre Dame to lead Fighting Irish student-athletes to…
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DeBartolo Performing Arts Center Presenting Series

The University of Notre Dame’s DeBartolo Performing Arts Center (DPAC) Presenting Series provides an exciting range of artists that audiences…
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Digital Innovation and Transformation

Though the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center (DPAC) is already committed to providing a state-of-the-art experience to a wide variety of…
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University of Notre Dame

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Student Affairs aspires to nurture a campus climate that honors diversity of background, thought, and experience; supports the belonging and…
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Notre Dame Athletics

Endowing Grants-in-aids

By fully endowing the grants-in-aid, the University of Notre Dame can protect and enhance the Fighting Irish experience for generations…
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College of Engineering

Engineering For Action Fellowships

The world needs graduate engineering programs that teach specialized skills to design, build, and innovate for a better community. The…
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Faculty and Research Commercialization

The research carried out on the Notre Dame campus advances the limits of human understanding and the University’s calling to…
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College of Science

Fighting for Compassion in Medicine

Notre Dame professor Dominic Vachon is impacting thousands of students by grounding them in the virtue of compassion in healthcare.…
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Fighting for Literacy Across America

Teaching English at Oakland High in the late 1990s, Ernest Morrell faced the age-old problem of how to get modern…
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Fighting For Resilient Communities

In 2018, in the midst of a heatwave in Mati, Greece, wildfires broke out and quickly engulfed the seaside town.…
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Keough School of Global Affairs

Global Policy Platform

Policy puts plans into action and changes lives. We aim to create a network of experts and influencers to deliver…
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University of Notre Dame

Graduate and Professional School Fellowships

Graduate and professional students are critical to building renowned research and scholarship. Notre Dame’s graduate programs and professional schools train…
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College of Arts & Letters

Initiative on Race and Resilience

In order for Notre Dame to advance its mission of social justice and align itself in solidarity with the struggle…
Featured image for “Lilly Endowment grant will help leverage Notre Dame’s research enterprise to enhance environmental and public health in north-central Indiana”

Lilly Endowment grant will help leverage Notre Dame’s research enterprise to enhance environmental and public health in north-central Indiana

Through various initiatives over the past six years, the University of Notre Dame has been an integral partner in helping…
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New Notre Dame men’s residence hall construction underway

The University of Notre Dame is taking another step toward meeting the housing needs of undergraduate students and supporting the…
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Mendoza College of Business

North Addition

Now serving over 2,700 undergraduate and over 700 graduate students annually, the Mendoza College of Business has an immediate need…
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Notre Dame expands science and engineering research complex with gift from McCourtney family

The University of Notre Dame will expand its interdisciplinary science and engineering research complex on the east side of campus…
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College of Science

Postdoctoral and Graduate Training Programs

A strong research program elevates the student experience and the University’s impact on the world. It relies on graduate students…
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Notre Dame Law School

Religious Liberty

Without the freedom to believe or not believe as we choose, nothing else matters. As the leading Catholic institution of…
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Student Entrepreneurship

The IDEA Center changes students’ lives through the discipline of entrepreneurship, and our curricular and extracurricular programming has received significant…
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Division of Student Affairs

Student Support and Care

Students need more care – and earlier in their college careers – than ever before, with 35% of incoming students…
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Notre Dame Athletics

Student-Athlete Experience

The University of Notre Dame strives to provide its student-athletes with the most distinctive experience in the country. To this…
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College of Engineering

Teaching Professorship 

The University of Notre Dame fosters scholarship and innovation that creates real solutions for social good. The College of Engineering…
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College of Arts & Letters

Technology and Digital Studies

Over 80% of open jobs require digital skills, and by 2025, it is estimated that 95 million more positions across…
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Notre Dame Law School

The Exoneration Justice Clinic

More than 3,100 Americans over three decades have been exonerated for crimes they did not commit. Answering Christ’s call in…
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College of Arts & Letters

The Psychology Clinic

Suicide, trauma, substance abuse, and health disparities require experts with proven track records in addressing these issues. By enhancing the…
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University of Notre Dame

Undergraduate Financial Aid

Notre Dame will always be committed to providing an education of unsurpassed quality, one that enriches intellects and forms hearts,…